U6A1-24 – Part II – Job Description and Delivery Model

Unit 6 Assignment 1 – Job Description and Delivery Model

This is the second component of your course project. This assignment is cumulative, and It will build on the previous assignment, New Service and Skills Inventory, you completed in Unit 3. You should revise the work you developed for that assignment as needed and incorporate it into the current assignment.

This assignment has two parts:

• Begin by revising the following elements from your previous assignment as needed, in light of feedback you have gotten:

◦ Description of the organization, the main elements of its mission, the key services it offers, its clients, and the main models of service delivery it employs.

◦ Identification and analysis of the theory that supports this main model of service delivery.

◦ Description of a new service the organization could offer that would be aligned with the organization’s mission and would serve its clientele.

◦ Identification and analysis of the theory that supports this new service.

◦ Description of the competencies (including knowledge, skills, and abilities) that the organization’s staff would need to fulfill the required tasks.

◦ Inventory of the competencies of the organization’s current staff determining if they possess the required competencies, if they can acquire them, or if you would need to recruit new staff that possess these competencies.

• Having identified the service to be provided by your organization and the competencies necessary, you will now prepare a job description complete with classification for payroll for the new service and position with new skills you have identified.

◦ Analyze best practices and theories of public sector job structuring, definition, classification, and compensation to prepare a job description complete with classification for payroll.

◦ Use the job descriptions you obtained earlier as models, but be sure to provide clear and specific classification information, even if the models do not provide as much detail.

◦ Follow the design used by your selected agency for the presentation of the completed job description. All other aspects of the document should follow APA writing style and formatting.

Assignment Requirements

• Written communication is free of errors that detract from the overall message.

• Resources and citations are formatted according to current APA style.

• Length of paper: 8–10 typed, double-spaced pages.

• Font and font size: Arial, 12 point.

• Submit your draft assignment to Turnitin and use the results of your Originality Report to assist you in

editing your work.

• Submit your final draft to this assignment.

Unit 5 Study 1- Readings

Use your Public Personnel Management text to complete the following:

• Read Chapter 5, “Defining and Organizing Work.” The text will explore the topic of job descriptions from the viewpoint of different groups, such as elected officials and employees, and the role of the job description in the organization in helping the employee advance.


From the organization you are using for your final project or from an organization that provides similar services, obtain two or three job descriptions with, if possible, their classification information. You will use these as models for the job description you are submitting in the next unit.

Unit 5 Study 2 – Project Preparation

The second component of you course project, Job Description and Delivery Model, will be due in Unit 6. If you have not already done so, review the assignment at this time and work ahead as much as possible.

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