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The video reflective assignment you need to submit INDIVIDUALLY. Three

paragraphs should be included in the video reflective assignment. Each paragraph

can contain 5-10 sentences. The maximum length of the paper is two pages, typed,

double-spaced with the font size 12. Place the title of the video at the beginning of

the paper and list the discussion question number in front of your answers.

1st paragraph: Answer the discussion question 1.

2nd paragraph: Answer the discussion question 2.

3rd paragraph: What you think about the video.

Video: McDonald’s Taps Ethic Subcultures for Ongoing growth

1) What other ethnic subculture segments should be considered as an important

segment for McDonald’s? What marketing plans and activities will attract these


2) How difficult is it for McDonald’s to position its products toward one segment

without negatively affecting another segment?

3) What is your opinion about the video?

Instructions are attached

The link of the video is BELOW!!!

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