Week 6 exercise | Management homework help

1. Submit one Word document with proper title page
2. Follow APA guidelines (as outlined in Week 2 reading from the APA manual)
3. When applicable, it is best to provide real/current examples
4. Answer the following questions:

     BAC Exercise 13.3 (p. 443) Analyzing First Paragraphs of Prospecting Letters

     BAC Exercise 13.4 (p. 443-444) Improving You-Attitude and Positive Emphasis in Job Letters

     BAC Exercise 13.13 (p. 446) Writing a Prospecting Letter

     BAC Exercise 14.6 (p. 481) Preparing an Interview Strategy 

Point value: 10 points for each questions


The following section shows an example of the proper page format for the BAC assignments.





Chapter 1 (Header 1)

Question 1: Type of a brief summary of the questions (Header 2) – Your paraphrased answers should be single spaced. 

Answers: Place your response immediately after the question using proper APA standards

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