Write a recursive function that takes place as a parameter a


Problem Description


Name the program hw06


In this programming assignment you are to create a class




that can be used to draw a pattern of any type, i.e. it will be a template.




Implementation requirements




Refer to problem below for the specifics of the recursive method in our case




“Write a recursive function that takes place as a parameter a nonnegative integer and generates the following pattern of stars. If the nonnegative integer is 4, then the pattern generated is:




Also write a program that prompts the user to enter the number of lines in the pattern and uses the recursive function to generate the pattern. For example, specifying 4 as the number of lines generates the above pattern. “




our case.




Create the Pattern class as a template that is able to draw the pattern in any type (int,


char…). Add a single field for the symbol to draw.




Make sure you include the .cpp at the end of the header file.




The recursive method should be named draw() and it should accept a single integer value


representing the number of characters at its center, or what the book refers to as the


number of lines. Same thing.




Design the class with encapsulation in mind and add the methods needed and required.




Test the class in the driver using the sample output given below as a guideline.




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